Pioneer on the market (since 1979), we are specialized in the trade of products and solutions in different fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, detergents but also in the food industry 
. Since its creation, MARJAC has continued to support its customers in their various business sectors to achieve the best through a variety of products and raw materials. Internationally renowned companies, leaders in their fields, from different sectors, have found in MARJAC their exclusive representative on the Moroccan territory, trusting the logistic means and know-how deployed by the company for the service of our customers.
Under the leadership of its dynamic director and its teams, MARJAC, knows constant growth and development due to its commercial and technical actions but also to its commitment to suppliers and customers.
Installed in new storage facilities in 2019, large production and storage facilities have been set up to enable MARJAC to respond as closely as possible to customer expectations: products, quality, logistics.

Trusted partner of Moroccan manufacturers since 1979

To cope with increasingly demanding consumers, consumption patterns in full disruption and sharp fluctuations in the price of raw materials, Moroccan industry players can count on a partner involved in their conquest of markets


Since its creation in 1979, MARJAC has positioned itself as a trusted partner able to support its customers in each of their evolutions: technological assistance, productivity and competitiveness gains, optimization of the quality of finished products, extension of product ranges and change to new professions.

MARJAC know-how and innovation capacity are widely recognized in Morocco, and are beginning to conquer the industrialists of the different sectors of activity. Recipe ?

  • A tremendous energy deployed by the entire company to win the trust of each customer, combined with very responsive answers and advanced logistics
  • The products marketed touch several sectors of activity such as: Confectionery, Biscuit, Chocolate, Cheese, Charcuterie, Infant Feeding, Excipients, Vitamins, Surfactants, Solvents, Softeners, Anti-foam / Emulsions …

Our mission

We have been the main mission for over 40 years the total satisfaction of our customers, each of them with specific needs, our main mission is to serve our customers with quality products based on the expertise of more than 40 years of experience in the sale and distribution of raw materials.
MARJAC continues to build its strength and reputation by providing quality products, punctual deliveries and competitive pricing while paying close attention to the requirements of suppliers and customers.


MARJAC allows you to save immediately by choosing a supplier that offers the best products, the best times and the most competitive prices.

MARJAC, takes the necessary steps to secure its supply chain and consequently, ensure the supply of the customer.

MARJAC helps improve quality by working closely with customers to make a difference in their process and improve quality.

MARJAC always offers innovative products that can give you a competitive edge – whether in price, quality or convenience.
We support the customer in their development process, bringing all the know-how of the technical team of our suppliers.


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